Hotel,accommodation and Travel Photography in 360 Photoshperes Virtual Tour Photographer Kent Johnson, Sydney Australia. Best 360 VR photography - Governor Phillip Fountain, Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. 360 photosphere photography by Kent Johnson. Although I have long been fascinated by panorama photography, It's only recently that I began learning how to photograph full 360 degree Photosphere photographs. All the pictures on this page with View 360 can be viewed interactively on my Google Maps account, which is where I have cut my teeth as it were; and I am now an offical Google Trusted Photographer; and helping people enjoy my view of the world at the same time.

There are a lot of challenges to overcome to create good 360 panorama photography. There are the technical challenges that require good discipline and precise camera work. Then there are the creative challenges of making a picture that is compositionally interesting all-the-way-around! It is probably the compositional aspect that is ultimately most difficult of all. Camera placement, lines of sight, light and shade, details, details, details! And you need to be quick - my pictures are created from multiple 'loops' and stitched together - the sun keeps moving! And cars and people..

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Paddington Reservoir Gardens Sydney. 360VR Panorama Architectural and Travel photography by Kent Johnson. Kent Johnson is an official Street View Trusted photographer. Dual Nature Sculpture/Soundscape by Nigel Helyer on the foreshore of Woolloomooloo Bay, beside Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. 360 photosphere photography by Kent Johnson. Embarkation Park, Potts Point, Sydney. photography by Kent Johnson. Bent street and the historic Lands Office building, Sydney CBD, fisheye view, photography by Kent Johnson. Panorama view of boats racing on Sydney Harbour photography by Kent Johnson Sun highlights the tree line and cityscape, The Domain Sydney, Travel and 360VR photography by Kent Johnson. The Domain Sydney and Sydney Hospital with large ventilation stacks photography by Kent Johnson. Sydney Opera House and Circula Quay at sunset with the shadow of the Harbour Bridge. Panorama and Travel photography by Kent Johnson.